Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Day 9- Not so crafty

Arghhhh today has just been one of those days to be honest. I went to my second sewing class and half made a cushion. Next week I am learning to close them properly. I feel its missing something, a name maybe? 

I have been really thinking today about where my crafting is going. I set up a page on facebook a few weeks ago called A Little Tweet when I started to make canvas's. Which I love doing, they are my babies. They got such a good reception, people really loved them and thought they were really unique. Then I met a bunch of amazing, lovely, beautiful crafty chicks who introduced me to the world of sewing. I wanted to try everything out and I have, I have my fair share of cushions, soft toys, thread, needles and pins. I have loved every minute of it. 

Today I sat down and spoke with Jim about where I seen this going. I love sewing and crafting but I set out on this path for business and it turned into so much more. It turned into a passion. I log onto facebook and the first thing I do is check the updates on the crafty chicks page. I love the support and encouragement everyone gives, I love to see everyone's new projects and ideas but as I said, this was supposed to be business. 

I have put more time into my hobby than my page and I need to really divide the time between them but with 2 children that can be hard. I have always loved the thought of working from home and being able to be Mummy and boss without having to leave my house but this is a competitive world, I have tried many things in my time and there was always someone else out there doing the same. As most of you know, you need to work hard, build a good customer base and be top of the business/product food chain. I have scoured the internet looking for ideas to make something unique and I really believe my canvas's are just that. What do you think? Can I make this work or am I just kidding myself? Everyone has been so supportive. Even my mother in law has placed an order, that my chicks means something!! 

Help me out here, I am having a crisis........opinions? I will be back tomorrow with a tutorial for you all to try 

See you tomorrow 
Mother Hen 

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  1. Keep going at what you love to do. I adore your canvasses!!!