Saturday, 28 April 2012

First review from Make and Do!!

I have never written a review before but its something I have always wanted to do. Thank you to Kirsten from Make and Do for helping me out with this. I asked some of my friends to send me something we could write a review on. Kirsten sent me a lovely little 'Make your own button tortoise' kit. As soon as it arrived I was terrified, I had never made anything like this before and was worried it would be a little too complicated for me. I enlisted the help of my daughter Megan and we got going. I will include all the details on where to buy this kit and more at the end. 

The kit arrived in this simple yet effective packaging. I could see what was in it straight away which got me all excited as it contained my favourite things. It contained 
-Pre-cut felt pieces 
-Polyester toy stuffing 
-Step by step instructions 

How I managed not to open it before we were ready to make it is beyond me. Finally, Megan got home and we could make the new addition to our family. Who is called Trevor. 

The instructions were really simple to follow and even helped out with what stitches you should use (thank goodness I learnt the blanket stitch this week) Megan stitched buttons onto the shell while I stitched together the legs, tail and head and then stuffed them. We had some buttons left over which Megan has stolen for her stash. 

I didn't take pictures of the make in progress but really wish I had now. It was so much fun to make Trevor, Seeing him come together. I have put these little kits on my Christmas list for family as I know a few that would really enjoy them. 

On the packaging it states that they are not suitable for children under 14 years old. Megan is 8 and with supervision got on fine but obviously I wouldn't leave her along with a sharp needle and scissors. I highly recommend this kit to you and it would make a fab present for anyone that has just started sewing as the instructions were so easy to follow and understand. The only problem I had was sewing Trevor's 'tummy' in place but this was not down to the kit or instructions, it was me. I had never sewn the 'tummy' onto anything before but I am sure next time it would be fine. 

All in all this is a great little item that I thoroughly enjoyed making and I look forward to buying more kits from Make and Do. This kit costs £7 plus postage.

To check out all the products from make and do you can follow the links below 

© Kirsten Clark 2012

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