Friday, 27 April 2012

Day 4- Handmade scrapbook tutorial-PART 1

Evening all. For today's make I decided to try something that really is out of my comfort zone. I have no idea how it is going to look in the end. I don't mind though as its for personal use and you can add your own twist. I hope this tutorial will give you the jist of what I am trying to achieve. At the moment it looks a mess!!

Step 1- What you need

For part 1 of this make you are going to need 
- Thick card
I used mount board bought from my local craft shop, I got a big sheet for a few pound. You can also use 2-3mm chipboard which is what I wanted to use originally but couldn't find anywhere to cut it to size. An alternative is an old cardboard box. 

- Fabric
I have decided to use Union Jack fabric as this is the theme for my scrapbook. I bought 2 fat quarters but so far have only used 1. 

- Binding rings
I bought 2" rings as these were the only ones that my craft shop had in stock. This book will be pretty full so I think they will be fine. You can also get these on ebay. 

- Hole punch 
To make holes for your rings (easier said that done on mount board) 

- PVA glue 
I just bought a cheap bottle of children's glue

-Pencil, scissors and clean paintbrush

- A4 Card 
I chose white card but you could have any colour or a mix. 

Step 2- Cutting the mount board 
I decided to cut the mount board slightly bigger then the A4 card. I added 1cm to two sides (1 long side, 1 short side) I then cut 2 pieces the same size. 

Step 3- Adding punch holes

This is a lot harder than it looks on mount board. I think if you had a heavy duty hole punch it would be easier. Don't be afraid to push down hard and then poke the holes through with scissors as I did. It looks a mess but it doesn't matter. The reason we are punching now is so that its easier to get through later. 

Step 4- Fabric 

I folded the FQ of fabric in half, cut into strips and then in to (sort of) squares and rectangles. They do not have to be perfect or any particular size or shape. Just chop away. 

Step 5- Decopatch 

I added PVA glue to the mount board a small section at a time. I have 2 daughters and can be called to their aid at any moment, the last thing I needed was a whole board covered in glue left to dry before adding fabric!! 

I add 1 piece of fabric at the time and the spread PVA glue over the top, then stick the next and so on until the whole board is covered. It doesn't matter if you go over the edges with the fabric as you can trim it later. 

Once the board is covered I added a thick layer of PVA over the top of all the fabric once this had dried I coated it once more and once that is dry (tomorrow) I will see if it needs another coat. 

Decopatch with paper seems to be easier as it absorbs the glue a lot faster than fabric does. Once this is completely dry I will use the hold punch to go back through the holes already made. 

Join me tomorrow for the best bit.....decorating!!! 

Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow 
Mother Hen 

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