Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Day 1 of craftiness- Decopatch plant pot

Welcome to my blog!! As you have probably guessed by the title this is 365 days of crafts. It all began on a facebook group I set up when member Sally came up with the idea. Then others gave their input and this is how I ended up here! The idea is that everyday for 1 whole year we will do something crafty and keep a journal/scrapbook with pictures and also our blogs. There may be a few flaws in this plan in that some of us have children, jobs etc and may not be able to stick to 365 days. 
I will try to do 2 items on 1 day if I know I will be busy on another. I am really looking forward to seeing what the other 'chicks' come up with and if you have any ideas of something I can try please let me know. 

I think most of the chicks are starting tomorrow? But I made something today and will be doing things tomorrow so thought I would share and use this as day 1.
I have been wanting to try decopatch/decoupage (not sure which is right!!) for some time but never really got around to it. Today I bought a cheap terracotta pot and some serviettes and gave it a go. Here is what happened
Excuse the mess on the table. My daughter and her 
friend tried to make me a garden bench!! 

I actually really like how this pot turned out. It needs patching up in places and I have learnt lessons for next time but for a first time, its fab. I love how where the serviette was white, in places went transparent so it gives it a sort of 'shabby chic' or vintage style look. I think this one may live in my kitchen for my utensils.......Who said flowerpots MUST be used for flowers?

Tomorrow I start a sewing course so fingers crossed I will make something there and can blog about it for day 2. 

See you all tomorrow 
Mother Hen 

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