Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Day 2- A stitch in time

Hello all, quite a late blog tonight, need to get it in before midnight for it to count as day 2! Its been one of those days! 

I started a sewing course today, I didn't really know what to expect when I arrived. I had no idea if it would be machine or hand sewing. Turns out it was hand sewing, thank goodness as me and my machine are not on speaking terms. It was really relaxed and informal. The tutor Andrea is lovely and owns a local bridal shop. She is of the mentality that 'everyone does things differently' which is a great attitude to have when teaching. I really like her (plus she brought doughnuts, chocolate ones!) 

She asked us what we wanted to gain from the course, I knew straight away that I NEEDED to learn some new hand stitches. I always use a whip stitch as its just easy and holds well although its not really any good for items you will turn the right way round as the stitches show. Andrea seemed to like the fact that I wanted to learn something practical and not just 'make something'. She has made me promise to take my machine next week so she can give me a lesson, which, in all honesty I am looking forward to. She gave me some fab ideas for my 365 days of craftiness. 

The only down side is that the course is only on for 5 weeks but really hoping it is extended as it has been in other areas. So although I didn't actually make anything today I did learn something new. A running stitch and blanket stitch. I do have an issue with 'wonky' stitches but this is something I am working on. You can check them out in the picture below although you can't see the running stitch so well as the blanket stitch hides it. Next week we will be working on my machine and learning a few more hand stitches and by week 5 I am hoping to make my first pillow case dress. 

See you tomorrow chicks 
Mother Hen 

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