Thursday, 26 April 2012

Day 3- Wood, paint, paper, glue....what a mess!!!

Evening all!! Hope you have all had a fab day. I have been waiting for some wooden shapes to turn up for a while well today they finally arrived so I decided to use them in today's make. They are not that great but I know why and I know that the next ones will be ok. My first mistake is that I am just too impatient and used a hair dryer to dry the paint, it cracked!! Next I used really thin paper and it just doesn't work. I need to use the foil type wrapping paper or even better proper decopatch paper. Then I dried the glue with the hair dryer which caused it to crinkle (used buttons to save the cupcake...sort of). 

So, next time I am going to paint in the morning and leave to dry all day. That way I can work on it in the evening. I do like today's makes though! What do you think? 

I am also going to use fabric for the name rather than paper as it just looks nicer. Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions 

See you tomorrow 
Mother Hen 

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