Saturday, 28 April 2012

Day 5- Handmade scrapbook tutorial- Part 2

Good after noon. Going to crack straight on with the 2nd part of this tutorial today as I will also be writing a review later for something I am very excited about. So for today's (half) make you will need to following

As well as the items from yesterday you will also need 
Various lengths, widths and colours 

Various sizes, shapes and colours 

Coordinating colours 

I have just used some scraps 

Any shapes you would like to cut out 

Hot glue gun

After leaving the fabric to dry over night I trimmed the edges and went back over the holes with the punch. 

Next I made some felt shapes and covered some buttons in the fabric I had used. The templates came from Google. 

As you can see I made a few more items to add. Including a felt heart with sewn buttons (not stuffed!!) a ribbon bow, a fabric yoyo and I also added ribbon to one of the binder rings although you can add it to both. 
I will be doing a tutorial on making the felt heart and fabric yoyo soon. Once I was happy with what I had I started to add them to my scrapbook. You can lay them on top to get the look you want but I just randomly hot glued them on. 

Once finished I punched some holes in card and popped it inside, ready to have pictures, clippings and ideas added to them. It's not brilliant but its something my daughter would enjoy doing on a rainy day. I like it because I made it and know how much time went into it. 

I will be back later with our very first review 
Mother Hen 

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